The Israel National Emergency Summit


The 7th Conference on

Coping with National Emergency Situations

November – 28, 2019,The SHEFAIM  Congress Center  , Israel  


              In Collaboration With Israel National Emergency Forum



Coping with a devastating emergency scenario on the national level requires preparedness and cooperation of the major governmental ministries, the rescue security and defense authorities many and the security and emergency organizations .  


Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Zunami, Huge Fires, WMS,CBRN Accidents, Wars, Massive Missile Attacks, A simultaneous Military Confrontations on different fronts, Integrated Terror Attacks and other catastrophe of the high-caliber and mass casualties.


The  holders of responsible positions must share the same methods as well as one known and agreed "Emergency Language and Codes" concerning the work of Emergency,  security and civil defense units, search and rescue teams, medical attention, population care and other..


The 7th Israel Conference on Coping with National Emergency Situations is an annual professional summit for all these who in charge of preparedness, readiness, response and managing national emergency situation in the country.


The level of readiness of each organization, institution or system in any field and their ability to act quickly and efficiently will directly and immediately affect the extent of the disaster, and the amount of casualties.


The 7th  Israel Conference on Coping with National Emergency Situations is geared for anyone who deals with emergency preparation and various emergency situations in Israel; Governmental ministries and organizations, Institutional departments, local authorities and leadership, municipalities, rural settlements, borderline population centers, emergency fixtures, industry, factories and facilities and public institutions. Also, Home Front Command officers - regular and on reserve, M.D.A staff, The Israeli Police, security managers and officers, hospitals, infrastructure agencies, companies, civil rescue units commanders, head engineers, financial emergency, emergency government agencies and anyone involved in security, emergency and life saving, as well as equivalent positions overseas, Red Cross representatives and so on.


The Israel national operational perception for handling and managing emergency situation will be presented and discussed including the different implementations regarding any emergency organization.


Invitees :

·     Ministry of Defense - The National Emergency Management Authority

·     IDF- Home Front Command

·     Ministry of Public Security

·     Ministry of interior – emergency Services department/ Evacuation, relief and spaces

·     Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

·     Ministry of Health

·     Israel Police - Operations, Planning and Emergency Department

·     Magen David Adom (medical first aid and ambulances organization)

·     National Authority for Fire Fighting and Rescue

·     Emergency and Security Managers in local authorities and municipalities.

·     Rural localities and local councils

·     First Responders Teams

·     The Israel Security and Emergency Forum

·     The Security and Emergency Officers Organization


The conference tracks and contents:

·     Risks and threats – The future war .

·     National Emergency Management/ Integrated response.

·     Command and Control / Operational Preparation

·     The medical systems and framework.

·     Rescue and Search / First and primary care.

·     Essential and critical Infrastructures preparedness.

·     Population Crisis Management / Coping with a Ruined City/ functional continuity.

·     Emergency Management

·     Information - individual, community and residential preparation, via public instruction.


Topics of track:

·     Risks and threats – Joint alert and forecasting systems.

·     Knowledge Sharing.

·     Pre planed operations and supporting methods.

·     Joint investments in equipment and supplies for national disasters.  

·     Signing a cooperation treaty. The future war.





The 7th   Conference on Coping with National Emergency Situations   

Technologies, Means & Equipment– Exhibition

Preparedness* Contingency * Procurement *Readiness* Response* Rehabilitation


During the conference there will be an exhibition of technologies and equipment in the field of emergency, security and rescue.

Exhibitors at the summit will have the advantage of getting in closed touch with the conference participants and will have the opportunity to join all the conference major events including full day F&B service. 


Exhibition Fee and Space

·       Open space unit (6 sq. Meter) – 1450 Euro

·       Additional unit – 1250 Euro.

The price includes 1 electrical socket, table, chairs, exhibitor’s badges                                           and refreshments (f&b) during the day.


Registration and Terms of Payment

Registration must be completed on Expo-Consult registration forms.

Registration fee must be paid on the day of registration.

Balance due must be paid 10 days prior to exhibition opening day.

Additional charge for aisle booth.

VAT should be added to all above mentioned prices.


For information and booth reservation